Fire Extinguisher Training

Course duration: 2-2.5 hours (including practical session) | Maximum of 12 delegates. Each participant receives a certificate after successfully completing the course. These courses comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and are delivered at your premises at a time to suit your operations, ensuring business continuity. Courses include the following elements:

These include:
Theory Session (including DVDs and group discussions)

• Current fire safety legislation
• The chemical processes that result in fire
• Causes of fire
• How to contact the emergency services
• Fire development
• How fires spread
• Hazard identification
• Fire classification
• Different types of fire extinguisher
• Fire Blankets
• Backdraughts & how to open doors correctly
• Daily and weekly checks
• Fire safety record keeping

Practical Session

• Live fire extinguisher training
• Use of Water and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguishers
• Demonstration of fire blanket if appropriate (Dry Powder, Foam and Wet Chemical extinguishers can be demonstrated if required, with prior notification.)

Our fire awareness / extinguisher training course is designed for all staff and particularly those with fire safety responsibilities (excluding Fire Marshals / Wardens) who may need to correctly and safely operate fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment. They are designed to ensure that should a fire alarm activate, or a fire start, your employees will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to deal with it appropriately and safely.

For our practical sessions we use gas fire simulators which are clean burning and will not damage the floor surface nor will ey cause a smoke problem to either your premises or the surrounding area / neighbouring premises, ensuring that the live firefighting demonstrations are held in a controlled environment. The benefits of practical fire extinguisher training cannot be underestimated as the confidence gained from our instructors will produce infinite results, ranging from giving assistance to firefighting professionals to nipping a small fire in the bud before it spreads or develops.

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