Manual Handling

Course duration: 3 hours | Maximum of 12 delegates
Each participant receives a certificate after successfully completing the course.
Delegates attending this course should be physically fit.

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with a thorough knowledge of how to minimise the risk of injury to themselves and others. This is achieved by increasing their awareness of potential manual handling hazards in the workplace, and their outcomes in line with the Manual Handling Regulations 2002. The course is designed for anyone who is involved in manual handling activities within the workplace.

Course Content:

• Legislation-Manual Handling Regulations
• Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations
• Accident statistics
• The functions of the spine and muscular system
• Typical injuries
• Hazard identification and assessment of: The Load, The Task, The Working Environment, Individual Capabilities
• Correct handling techniques
• Practical exercises and tuition

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

• Summarise the legislation and manual handling regulations that relate to lifting in the workplace.
• Appreciate the financial impact on industry caused by injuries due to poor manual handling.
• Identify and assess potential hazards and choose appropriate methods of risk control which includes the selection of any lifting equipment required.
• Carry out manual handling techniques in a safe and efficient manner.

Our courses include all of the essential information required by the Manual Handling Regulations 2002 and are presented in an accessible and effective manner, allowing trainees to enquire about all matters pertaining to fire safety, whether that be at work or within the home.

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